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The Elf King’s Lady- 3 weeks to go!

0515 The Elf King's Lady_FinalLast week’s winner, Michelle, used alliteration in her entry which was very cool. I had a great response to my request: four essential traits in a heroine. I guess we get enthusiastic with our ladies as well as our men. And we had every reason to celebrate women after the Melbourne Cup this week. What a fabulous story that was.

This week I am going to ask you to come up with three words to describe why you read fiction. Mine would be: escape, enjoy, inspire. What are yours? The winner will receive one of my books.

Until next week xx

3 thoughts on “The Elf King’s Lady- 3 weeks to go!

  1. Escape, relaxation and hope

    1. Lovely Kaz! Hope you’re feeling better…

  2. Ok, so Kaz wins this week’s comp and I happen to know she has all my books so looks like she gets a free copy of The Elf King’s Lady when it’s out later this month. Congrats Kaz!

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