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The Elf King’s Lady- Two Weeks to go!

0515 The Elf King's Lady_FinalI can’t believe it’s only two weeks until The Elf King’s Lady is released and I’m hoping for a big effort from readers for this week’s competition. Kaz won last week’s competition describing her three goals of reading fiction were escape, relaxation and hope.

Kaz wins a copy of my new release, The Elf King’s Lady.

This week, I want you to name, in two words, your favourite romance genre eg it might be fantasy romance, rural romance or many others. The winner will receive one of my books- their choice!

Until next week- getting so close now…

5 thoughts on “The Elf King’s Lady- Two Weeks to go!

  1. Supernatural Porn ;-p

    1. Not sure you could classify porn as romance, Kaz!

  2. Historical fantasy

    1. Hey, Vik, good to see you here and look forward to your comments on a regular basis. Great genre xx

  3. OK, this week’s winner was Vik with Historical fantasy. Good luck for our last competition week!

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