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Specials at Bernadette Rowley Fantasy

Times are tough so I thought this was a good time to have some specials. If you act quickly, you can snap up Princess Avenger, my box set and my latest, Elf Princess Warrior, on super special.

Princess Avenger, book 1 – now only 99 cents until April 5th.

Queenmakers Saga Box Set of Books 1-4 – now only $2.99 until April 5th

Elf Princess Warrior, book 8 – now only 99 cents until April 9th.

Happy reading and stay safe!

Bernadette x

The Lady and the Pirate Cover Reveal!

Great news! The re-release of The Lady and the Pirate, one of my favourite stories, is imminent. And here’s the new cover. Book 6 in the epic Queenmakers Saga will sail into kindles on October 8th. Get ready for the pre-order notice coming within the next day or so.

Here’s the blurb…

Two unlikely lovers… the ocean their playground… saved by desire.


Lady Esta Aranati will do anything to ensure the safety of her estate and its people, even to smuggling on the high seas. She leads a double life, a mask and wig the only shields that protect her reputation.


Samael Delacost roams the ocean, living off the hard work of others, ignoring the voice that whispers “you don’t belong”. Until one night, Sam boards Esta’s ship and discovers she’s no easy prey.

Thrown together by a treasure hunt, the unlikely partners strike sparks off each other. Against her better judgment, Esta tries to help Sam find his mother, but what she discovers will change their lives forever.

Can Sam and Esta find their way through danger, political intrigue and societal rules to forge a life together? Or will their differences and their pasts dictate the future?

A swashbuckling fantasy romance, begun on the high seas but sealed in the King’s Court

The Lady and the Pirate is the sixth book in the epic Queenmakers Saga, combining the sweeping high fantasy world of Thorius with sizzling romance. If you like magic, political intrigue and sexy pirates, wrapped up in an adventure on the high seas, then you’ll adore The Lady and the Pirate.

Stay tuned for the pre-order and happy reading!

Bernadette x

Box Set Live!

The Queenmakers Saga Box Set – Books 1-4

Announcing the release of my box set, The Queenmakers Saga, which contains the first four books in my epic fantasy romance series. It’s been out in the world for eighteen days and I’m really happy with the reception the set has received.

Here’s what some readers are saying:

“One stunning storyline and roaring plot catapults this beauty to life. The characters are authentic with depth and individualism that blend and flow.”

“Recipe for a captivating fantasy – fast-paced adventure, romance, a strong hero and equally strong heroine, wrapped in a fine layer of magic.”

The Queenmakers Saga Box Set is still available for only 99 cents US and is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.


And if that wasn’t enough excitement, Book 5, The Elf King’s Lady, is now available. The cover, by Dar Albert, is a work of art!

Stay tuned for book 6, The Lady and the Pirate. I’m having fun re-editing at the moment. I should have the new cover within the next week and will share it then.

Until then, happy reading and don’t forget to support your favourite authors by leaving a review!

Bernadette x

Pre-Order Box Set!

Look at my pretty new box set! I’ve just set up the pre-order for The Queenmakers Saga Box Set (Books 1-4). And it’s priced well.

You can now pre-order the first four books in my series for 99 cents US. That will certainly give you a good idea of what my series has to offer. That’s more than 1200 pages!

Also, book five in the series, The Elf King’s Lady, is also available for pre-order. This creates a seamless reading experience with the box set flowing on into The Elf King’s Lady.

This new cover for The Elf King’s Lady is truly a work of art and I hope you love it and the story. Here’s the blurb:


Lady Alique Zorba is as beautiful as she is impulsive, and she’s determined to rescue her family and kingdom from the dark elven menace.


Kain Jazara has no idea of the explosive revelations hanging over his head, as he tackles the latest incursion of the dark elves into Thorius. But must he be lumbered with highborn healer, Alique when she’ll only get in his way?

When the two volunteer to become hostages so the innocent can be freed, little do they know they’re about to embark on the first of many missions together; assignments where neither can guarantee the other’s safety.

As they discover an undeniable passion, will revelations from Kain’s past destroy Thorius, his relationships and any chance of happiness?

Pre-order Box Set Books 1-4 Amazon

Pre-order The Elf King’s Lady Amazon

Both of these offerings will be released on August 6th 2019.

I look forward to hearing your impressions of The Elf King’s Lady.

Bernadette x