Box Set Live!

The Queenmakers Saga Box Set – Books 1-4

Announcing the release of my box set, The Queenmakers Saga, which contains the first four books in my epic fantasy romance series. It’s been out in the world for eighteen days and I’m really happy with the reception the set has received.

Here’s what some readers are saying:

“One stunning storyline and roaring plot catapults this beauty to life. The characters are authentic with depth and individualism that blend and flow.”

“Recipe for a captivating fantasy – fast-paced adventure, romance, a strong hero and equally strong heroine, wrapped in a fine layer of magic.”

The Queenmakers Saga Box Set is still available for only 99 cents US and is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.


And if that wasn’t enough excitement, Book 5, The Elf King’s Lady, is now available. The cover, by Dar Albert, is a work of art!

Stay tuned for book 6, The Lady and the Pirate. I’m having fun re-editing at the moment. I should have the new cover within the next week and will share it then.

Until then, happy reading and don’t forget to support your favourite authors by leaving a review!

Bernadette x

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