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Book Review- Princess Avenger


Monique and PA- Williamstown PO Introducing Dr Monique’s review of Princess Avenger

Looking for a book in which to escape the everyday rush, the stresses of work, the worries of tomorrow?  A book to entertain the mind, get your heart racing and warm the soul as the cooler weather sets in?

Princess Avenger is the debut novel of Dr Bernadette Rowley, a veterinarian from the Greencross Vets Woodlands clinic in Townsville, Queensland.  Initially released in October 2012 as an e-book by Destiny Romance, an imprint of Penguin Books Australia, the opportunity has provided Bernadette a chance to follow her other passion, writing.

I came across the announcement of the book’s release on the Greencross Intranet and was enticed by the genre (fantasy romance) and the intrigue of the premise – a strong princess heroine, revenge, honour, destiny, duty and passion.  I also saw the chance to support a fellow veterinarian in her endeavours to achieve a different dream.

Princess Avenger High Res CoverPrincess Alecia is destined to serve and protect her kingdom.  As corruption and betrayal are spreading through the streets of her city, she sees it her duty to use her strength and skills to seek revenge for the brutal murder of her first love.  But there is also darkness and treachery coming from within the royal halls.  Alecia fights to hold on to her respect and honour for her father, pushing aside her growing fear that he might be accountable for their people’s suffering and hardship.

Army Captain Vard Anton also has a duty to protect and serve, though holds many secrets and internal struggles of his own.  The princess feels she must bury her attraction to the handsome man and complete her duty as a princess by submitting to a sickening arranged marriage to a vile corrupted royal advisor.  However the intense passion between Alecia and Vard burns strong and becomes an immeasurable strength in their fight for what they believe in and who they love.

I really enjoyed the book and became completely engrossed in the story.  I felt a connection with the characters and found myself being swept away with the emotion and passion pouring out of the pages.  I would read for chapters on end and forget where reality was, drawn into the life of the princess, feeling like I was right there next to her hiding in the dark alleyways.

I would recommend the book to those who appreciate the genre and the enjoyment of a thrilling read, filled with passion and love.  I found the experience all the more exciting knowing the author and being able to appreciate the inclusion of her love and appreciation of animals within her writing.  Last month I had the honour of meeting Bernadette when I travelled to Townsville to visit my partner.  It was fantastic to meet her, express my support and discuss dreams and inspirations.

The book has recently been published in paperback and is being sold at Australia Post shops across the country with other Destiny Romance novels.  Track down the illusive princess in selected Australia Post stores and online through your favouite e-book retailer.

Dr Monique Tydens

Greencross Vets Williamstown, Victoria

I’d like to thank Monique for her lovely review and for her support of my writing.

In Search of Destiny

Monique and PA- Williamstown PO                  Castletown PO Tville 2

There’s been a mad frenzy over the last few days with Destiny Romance authors dashing into post offices throughout Australia desperate to find their books on sale. We’ve known for a couple of months that the deal with Australia Post would see our books in print and sold in post offices throughout Australia. It’s available in 660 stores in total and these are mainly, but not exclusively, the large Post Office stores in shopping centres.

I put out the call for my readers to track down Princess Avenger in the flesh and send me a photo of the illusive royal and themselves. This was no easy challenge as those who know Princess Alecia realise she likes to get about in disguise. I’m happy to announce that Dr Monique from Williamstown was my first reader to succeed in cornering the feisty princess. But that doesn’t mean the challenge is over.

I’m still gathering sightings of Princess Avenger wherever she makes an appearance. There are even rumours that her story remains unfinished and that even though the heroine is exiled, she hasn’t given up on her kingdom or her people.

So keep an eye on those post offices and stay in touch…

Australia Post Holds Destiny

Book at ARRA

In great news, Australia Post have decided to take all 2012 Destiny titles, in print, as one of their rotational offers. This means my book Princess Avenger is now available in 650 Australia Post outlets for a period of about three months. The recommended retail price is $9.99

If you live in Australia, this is a wonderful opportunity to have the Destiny titles from 2012 in paperback. It’s every author’s dream to hold their book and this deal with Australia Post has made that dream come true for me. I hope it’s just the beginning of exciting times for Destiny Romance, Penguin’s digital first romance imprint. Destiny have given a voice to previously unpublished authors of Australian romance and they are to be congratulated for that alone.

Having read all of the 2012 releases, I can tell you there are some truly wonderful titles amongst the dozen on offer. So if you like to hold a book in your hands rather than an electronic device, hop into your local Australia Post store and enjoy a little Destiny romance.