Australia Post Holds Destiny

Book at ARRA

In great news, Australia Post have decided to take all 2012 Destiny titles, in print, as one of their rotational offers. This means my book Princess Avenger is now available in 650 Australia Post outlets for a period of about three months. The recommended retail price is $9.99

If you live in Australia, this is a wonderful opportunity to have the Destiny titles from 2012 in paperback. It’s every author’s dream to hold their book and this deal with Australia Post has made that dream come true for me. I hope it’s just the beginning of exciting times for Destiny Romance, Penguin’s digital first romance imprint. Destiny have given a voice to previously unpublished authors of Australian romance and they are to be congratulated for that alone.

Having read all of the 2012 releases, I can tell you there are some truly wonderful titles amongst the dozen on offer. So if you like to hold a book in your hands rather than an electronic device, hop into your local Australia Post store and enjoy a little Destiny romance.

10 thoughts on “Australia Post Holds Destiny

  1. What fantastic news Bernadette! Congrats on your book. (Don’t know if you remember but we met at the Gold Coast conference. I’m a friend of M’s. 🙂 So great to see in print what you were telling us about last August.

    • Thanks so much Victoria. If you see Princess Avenger in the post office, can you get someone to take a pic of you holding it and email it to me please? That would be so cool if you could do that!

    • Thanks Venetia! I believe it is Australia wide but mainly the core Australia Post stores rather then the licensed post offices. Apparently 660 stores will have stock. Any news of your imminent release?

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