FOUR Days until the Release of The Master and the Sorceress!

The Lady and the Pirate was the springboard for Katrine’s story. She was so feisty and capable and yet vulnerable. I knew she would make a great heroine.

But who could stand up to a strong and beautiful sorceress? The hero turned out to be a master goldsmith, James Tomel. He is the oldest of seven boys and was expected to take on his family’s farm. However, from a young age, James knew he would never be able to do that and turned to working with gold. He actually made the chain mail choker worn by Queen Adriana when she visited Brightcastle in Princess Avenger– book 1.

But James harbors another secret career and this causes friction between himself and Katrine. James and Katrine are opposites – one a wild and impulsive spirit who wields forbidden magic, the other a pillar of the community who craves order and control. I hope you enjoy their journey.

The Lady and the Pirate is on special for 99 cents for the next two days!

The Master and the Sorceress is on pre-order with release date January 7th.

I’ll have more information tomorrow on behind the scenes of The Master and the Sorceress.

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