FIVE Days until the Release of The Master and the Sorceress!

Once there was a young noble woman called Katrine Aranati, who was so much more than first appearances would indicate. She came from a farming family south of the king’s seat of Wildecoast in Thorius. Katrine had an older sister, Esta, who often disregarded her but still expected her to help when she was in a crisis.

Katrine’s story begins in The Lady and the Pirate, as the two sisters come face to face with the Singing Pirate on the high seas. The ladies are disguised and carrying on a clandestine operation as smugglers to aid their failing farming estate. Katrine, as Lady Star, hurls a few fireballs his way and chases him and his elven allies off her ship.

Being a witch makes Katrine stand out more than she would like, and Esta doesn’t understand. She is afflicted with melancholy which is only made worse when she has a magical encounter in the Crystal Cave. You can read all about Katrine’s adventures and Esta’s love affair in The Lady and the Pirate. It’s on special for 99 cents for the next three days!

I’ll have more information tomorrow on behind the scenes of The Master and the Sorceress.

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