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The Lady’s Choice- Cover Revealed

I can finally reveal the cover for my second book, The Lady’s Choice. It’s due for release in October 2013. I’ve included the summary below. Please tell me what you think of it. I adore it.

The Lady's Choice Cover- high res


With her people on the brink of starvation, beautiful Lady Benae Branasar has the perfect plan. She will marry the powerful Prince Jiseve of Brightcastle and use his fortune to save them. But first she must compete against three princesses equally determined to win his hand.
When she finds herself irresistibly attracted to her reluctant escort, the handsome Ramon Zorba, her plans begin to unravel. Ramon is dealing with problems of his own, but as he begins to thaw, Benae begins to glimpse the devastating man underneath.  The more time they spend together, the harder Benae finds it to focus on her objective. Will she stay true to her people and pursue the prince? Or will love and fate intervene?
Benae and Ramon face temptation, danger and tragedy in this passionate fantasy romance.

8 thoughts on “The Lady’s Choice- Cover Revealed

  1. Hey Bernadette

    Your new cover is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love it!


    Bye 4 now

    1. Thanks Tina, always lovely when you stop by xx

  2. Like the cover, Bernadette. That green is sure eye catching and I like that the lady is a brunette! love Kay

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kay xx

  3. Ooooh, very nice! I do love the tangle of golden-green trees overhead. It looks just slightly unreal (surreal?), which yells ‘fantasy’ to me. And the girl looks like a wood sprite. Love it, Bernadette!

    1. Thanks Venetia, I agree the cover has a strong fantasy look.

  4. Gorgeous cover! Love it. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Nas, great to see you here!

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