My Next Book

My how time flies! It’s been a month since my last blog and I’d like to tell you what I’ve been up to.

Benae prayingFirst of all, I’ve been doing the final edits on my next book, The Lady’s Choice. It’s scheduled for release in October and I’ve approved the beautiful cover. I hope to show you all really soon.

It’s fabulous working with the Penguin Australia editors. I love the process of editing because I learn so much. It’s like watching a cocoon hatch into a beautiful butterfly, seeing the finished story emerge at the end.

Here’s the blurb:

Lady Benae Branasar will sacrifice her ‘happily ever after’ for an arranged marriage with a powerful prince who will save her estates and her people. Or so she imagines. But can she turn her back on her feelings for the prince’s squire, Ramón Zorba? Ramon is a man Benae could easily love but he is obsessed with the prince’s daughter and at first tries hard to ignore the beautiful and fiery Benae. As they are drawn inexorably together, Benae and Ramón must choose between keeping their personal vows and being true to each other.

In The Lady’s Choice, you’ll get to know the delectable squire from Princess Avenger, Ramón Zorba. He’s a wonderful beta hero and needless to say, Benae can’t resist him. Get ready for more danger and palace intrigue as the hero and heroine negotiate their way to each other.

Florence Bay 2Along with a couple of hectic weeks working on The Lady’s Choice, I had mum to stay for two weeks. She had to put up with me beavering away on my edits for the first week and then we hit the tourist spots, including the Museum of Tropical North Queensland, Reef HQ and Magnetic Island. We had numerous coffees and even had time to check out a local boutique.

PIC_0944I think Reef HQ was the highlight of her week, though getting stuck trying to return from Florence Bay on Magnetic Island was quite exciting as well. Some of the roads on the island leave a lot to be desired. I’d have photos only I was too busy throwing rocks into craters in order to get the car up the hill. Thanks to the kind woman in the four wheel drive who advised us we had to ‘straddle’ the holes. Yeah, right! My advice? Don’t try to drive to Florence Bay unless you have a four wheel drive.

Anyway, life has settled down again and I’m back to working on my next fantasy romance, Love Thy Enemy- about a third of the way through. The story is based near Wildecoast, the king’s seat in the Kingdom of Thorius- the land of my previous two books. The hero is a gorgeous blonde sailing captain with dreadlocks who runs across the heroine washed up on the beach after a storm. You’ll have to watch this space for more details.

For my next post, I hope to share with you the cover of The Lady’s Choice. Until then…

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