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Mr Robbie Williams

Last week I saw Robbie Williams in concert for the first time. It was a pinch me moment and you could say I’ve ticked off the premiere item on my unofficial bucket list. I say unofficial as I’m not good with lists and don’t actually have an official scribed bucket list.

IMG_0479We had good seats and it was an amazing experience. The set was beautiful, the dancers were skilled, the backup singers could have staged their own concert and Robbie Williams demonstrated why he is, in my opinion, the best entertainer in the world. He can sing and the live performance of both his original songs and his swing portfolio was flawless. That’s the measure of a gifted singer- when their live performance sounds as good as their recorded version.

IMG_0493Robbie looked as though he was truly enjoying himself up on stage. He personalised the night for the Brisbane crowd, sang SHOUT, interacted with the audience: oh to have been the lucky woman involved in the mock wedding OR the lady who had her backside signed by the great man himself. Imagine having that tattoo!

IMG_0499Sadly I have only my memories and a key ring to take away from the night but I think that’s more than enough. I hope I get the chance to go again and having seen this concert, I so wish I had been able to catch the 2006 version.

Thankyou, Robbie Williams. You’ve brought a lot of joy to many lives and it’s great to see you finally enjoying your life and your family. I loved the song with his father!

May the great man bring us many more songs and concerts!