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The Lady and the Pirate- Pre-orders Open!

the-lady-and-the-pirate-webcover-finalWow, it’s been some ride over the last five years. I took a moment today to reflect on all the milestones I’ve ticked off with my writing over that period.

There was that exciting call, in March 2012, from Carol George of Penguin, with my first publishing offer for Princess Avenger. I made a trip to  the Romance Writers of Australia conference on the Gold Coast where the Destiny imprint authors shot a video, launched the imprint and had our author shots taken. It was a massive weekend and none of us could know how the next few years would unfold.

Princess Avenger Ebook coverThe next year Penguin released The Lady’s Choice, the second book in this fantasy romance series that I am absolutely hooked on writing. I decided I wanted to write a love story featuring a mermaid but when that was rejected I had a big decision to make. Find another publisher (if I could) or venture into the scary and unknown world of self-publishing.

At the time I just didn’t have enough confidence to step onto the self-publishing pathway and so I pitched The Lord and the Mermaid to Momentum (Pan Macmillan). Hayley Nash loved it and offered me a two book contract as long as we began Momentum’s own mini series. The Wildecoast Saga was born. The covers were amazing and I had The Lord and the Mermaid and The Elf King’s Lady both released in 2015.

The Lord and the Mermaid coverI began writing the book that I will release on the 14th of February- The Lady and the Pirate. I loved the freedom that came with having a pirate and a smuggler butt heads, not to mention the intrigue of a member of the aristocracy carrying on an illegal operation in a man’s world. Alas, hard times had fallen on the ebook publishing industry and Momentum didn’t want my story.

I had already begun self-publishing with the titles that were returned to me from Penguin, and added to my stable with Princess in Exile, the sequel to Princess Avenger, so I was keen to expand yet again.

36794-095On Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2017, I will publish The Lady and the Pirate on Smashwords and Amazon. It is now ready for pre-order at your favorite ebook retailer and will soon be available in print.

Links  Amazon   ibooks  Kobo  Barnes & Noble  Smashwords

I hope you enjoy reading The Lady and the Pirate as much as I enjoyed creating it!


The Lady’s Choice- Pre-Order

The Lady's Choice Cover- high resThese are exciting times and never more exciting than awaiting the ‘birth’ of a new book. I learned this morning that ‘The Lady’s Choice’ is now available for pre-order. How wonderful is it to be able to be amongst the first to read a new book?

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my readers for your support over the last year since the release of my debut novel, Princess Avenger. It has been an absorbing and magnificent experience.

For any wishing to pre-order The Lady’s Choice, here are the links:

Amazon itunes , Kobo and Google Play.

Of course, The Lady’s Choice already has it’s own page on Goodreads. For those readers who haven’t already discovered Goodreads, head on over and join in the fun. It’s a great way to keep track of the books you’ve read and compile your ‘to be read’ list, not to mention sharing your reading experience with other readers. Not a bad way to discover new authors and new books as well.

Princess Avenger High Res CoverDestiny LogoI’m fast approaching 5000 visitors to this blog since its inception and I have loyal readers to thank for that, too. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts, life and achievements with you. Please continue to share this blog in whatever way you can.

My official release date for The Lady’s Choice is the 14th October 2013. I hope you enjoy it. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing with you interviews and blogs where you’ll get to learn more about what makes me tick and how my stories are born.