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Elf Princess Warrior high resElf Princess Warrior- Queenmakers Saga VIII

Caught up in a vicious civil war, elven princess Gwaethe Arenil is desperate to save her faction and reunite her people. Help presents itself in the form of Captain Jacques Vorasava, the dashing human Brightcastle commander. But does Jacques’ aid come with more dangers than Gwaethe can endure, both for her people and her heart? This story continues from The Elf King’s Lady.

the-master-and-the-sorceress-1The Master and the Sorceress – Queenmakers Saga VII


Katrine Aranati no longer knows how to deal with the woman she has become. She runs headlong into a man whose heart’s desire is order and control.


James Tomel is outwardly a pillar of society, but he hides more than one secret. His life plan has no room for a dangerous liaison with a reckless stranger.

When they are thrown together on a trip to Brightcastle, fierce creatures from legend pursue them, but even more perilous are the feelings swirling between them. As their hearts and bodies come together, one will flee while the other demands an accounting.

The Master and the Sorceress is the seventh book in the epic Queenmakers Saga, combining the sweeping high fantasy world of Thorius with sizzling romance. If you like magic, danger and mythical creatures, wrapped up in an ‘opposites attract’ love story, you’ll adore The Master and the Sorceress.

This story continues on from The Lady and the Pirate

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