Coming Soon

The Queen Returns – books 9-11 in the Queenmakers Saga

(Coming in 2021)

Originally designed to be the third installment in Alecia and Vard’s love story, The Queen Returns has become much more. This story has the principle protagonists, Vard and Alecia (from Princess Avenger and Princess in Exile) but many if not all of my previous leading ladies and men will make an appearance.

Set in the midst of a war between man and the dark elven Sis Lenweri, not to mention the civil war between the two dark elven peoples, The Queen Returns seeks to pull together the threads of all eight books which have gone before. Alecia returns from exile to find things very different in her city of Brightcastle. Vard is now based in Wildecoast with a load of new responsibilities and new friends and enemies.

As Alecia and Vard struggle to find their way back to each other, various forces jostle for position in preparation for the war to come. Old alliances will be tested and new ones formed but who will survive the test that is to come?

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