Cover Reveal – Elf Princess Warrior

I’m delighted to reveal to you today, the spectacular cover of Elf Princess Warrior, book 8 in the Queenmakers Saga.

Here’s the blurb:

An Elven Princess

Caught up in a vicious civil war, Gwaethe Arenil is desperate to save her peace-loving faction and reunite her people.

A Human Commander

Dashing army captain Jacques Vorasava has fought on the same side as Gwaethe in the past, but will he help her this time? And will his support come with more dangers than Gwaethe can accept, both for her people and her heart?

As the threat from the enemy elven faction forces them to work together, conflicts between their cultures push them apart. In a land of polarized opinion and intolerance, can Jacques and Gwaethe forge a new reality where their love can be accepted?

This story continues themes and characters from The Elf King’s Lady, book 5 in the Queenmakers Saga.

Elf Princess Warrior is the eighth book in the epic Queenmakers Saga, combining the sweeping high fantasy world of Thorius with sizzling romance. If you like magic, political intrigue and mythical creatures, wrapped up in an inter-racial love story, then you’ll adore Elf Princess Warrior.

Here’s what early readers have said about Gwaethe and Jacques’s love story.

“A fantasy adventure with interesting characters and an intriguing plot.” 

“Enjoyed reading every chapter and the wonderful charters who come to life with in its pages.”

“This was a cute story about an Elf and a human who fall in love but know it is against their race to declare their love for each other.”

Elf Princess Warrior is out March 29th. In the meantime, please head over to Amazon and check out my other books on my author page.

Happy reading!

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