2020 is Getting Away!

I got reflective yesterday, after attending an entrepreneur’s summit on Tuesday and then listening to a podcast on Wednesday. The topics of the two events were very different. And I got to thinking…which is more important? That you make the most of all your opportunities and build an empire? Or that you live every day, so you’ll be content at the end? That you understand the world and yourself and your place within that mechanism?

I suspect the answer is somewhere in between those positions. None of us can live every day to the fullest. We just aren’t capable of it. We are going to let ourselves down. And sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack. Living at 100% is exhausting. And that’s how I felt after the entrepreneur training.

The podcast was presented by a psychologist and philosopher – he examines human behaviour. Sometimes his presentations make me uncomfortable. I’m a little too quick to judge and find myself wanting. It all comes down to the way you listen and how much you take into your life.

I don’t want to judge either of these events. Both had the potential to make me uncomfortable and I struggled to understand some concepts. One thing they had in common was the intensity of the speakers. Truthfully, I can be pretty intense, but those guys take it to the next level.

It’s helpful to be out of your comfort zone from time to time and I’m often out of mine. I think that’s what being an introvert is. You’re only comfy when you’re in a pretty narrow space – like a cat – perhaps that’s why I love cats so much. I can instantly connect and relate to them. But if I stay in my comfort zone, I don’t go to work, make money or perhaps even write books. I miss out on all sorts of opportunities.

Now, I’m not going to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that comes along because that will send me crazy. But I can, every so often, open myself to new ideas that are offered, and embrace them. That’s what the new year is about, and I love that.

2020 is getting away from us so go out there and say ‘yes’ to something today.

If you wish to share something new you’ve tackled this year, and the outcome, please post in the comments.

Happy New Year

Bernadette x

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