Pre-order The Lord and the Mermaid

I’m delighted to announce the pre-order of The Lord and the Mermaid! Release day is June 16th so you only have a short time before delivery of your e-book if you order now. Best of all, you only pay on delivery! Don’t miss out…

Available now on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited

Here’s the blurb:

…a desperate mermaid, determined to flee her people and create a new life. Merielle has rejected her family and gambled her future on inducing a human man to fall in love with her.

…an exiled sea captain, sworn to avenge a devastating loss. Nikolas blames the monstrous sea nymphs for his brother’s disappearance but when he finds an injured mermaid on his beach, he agrees to help her.

Despite his hate for the mer people, Nik is increasingly drawn to Meri, who slowly works her way into his damaged heart. Will Nik break the laws of land and sea to be with Meri, or will the devastating secret she holds crush their tumultuous relationship?

The Lord and the Mermaid is the fourth book in the epic Queenmakers Saga, combining the sweeping high fantasy world of Thorius with sizzling romance. If you like magic, political intrigue and mythical creatures, wrapped up in a dark and sexy retelling of The Little Mermaid, then you’ll adore The Lord and the Mermaid.

This was one of the two titles I had with Pan Macmillan until recently. I love the brand new cover and the sparkly fresh editing. I hope you enjoy the read and fall in love with Meri and Nik!

Until next time

Happy reading

Bernadette x

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