Princess Avenger Pre-Order Open

Announcing the new cover of Princess Avenger. Over the last three months, I’ve been busy working on the re-release of my eight books. Possibly that’s why I’ve been a little quiet. I’ve enlisted Dar Albert to design new covers for my series and given it a new name: Queenmakers Saga. All the books will be numbered in their reading order, making it easier for readers to know which book to purchase next. The covers are also more recognisable as belonging to a series, with their emblem, border and similar layout.

If you wish to follow the journey and support my books, head here to sign up to my supporters group. You can also be a member of my launch team by contacting me via the page on this website.

Members of the launch team receive a free copy of my book in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.

Princess Avenger is available now for pre-order at US 0.99 cents. Release day is tomorrow, April 26th.

Stay tuned for news on The Lady’s Choice and the rest of my titles in the coming weeks.

See you tomorrow!

Bernadette x

2 thoughts on “Princess Avenger Pre-Order Open

    • Thanks Vicky. Don’t forget this is a re-launch so you may already have Princess Avenger. Check what you have in your library first.

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