Elf Princess Warrior Release Date Set!

Elf Princess Warrior high res

I’m ecstatic to announce the release date for Elf Princess Warrior is January 14th! I know, its a long time to wait to read it, but you can take action now and secure a massive discount on the ebook by pre-ordering it at $0.99 US.

Here are the links:


Here’s the blurb:

Caught up in a vicious civil war, elven princess Gwaethe Arenil is desperate to save her peace-loving faction and reunite her people. Help presents itself in the form of Captain Jacques Vorasava, the dashing human Brightcastle commander. But does Jacques’s aid come with more dangers than Gwaethe can accept, both for her people and her heart?

As the threat from the enemy elven faction forces them to work together, conflicts between their cultures push them apart. In a land of polarized opinion and intolerance, can Jacques and Gwaethe forge a new reality where their love can be accepted?

This story continues themes and characters from The Elf King’s Lady.

Speaking of Elf King’s Lady, I’ve secured a 50% discount for my readers for my two Pan Macmillan titles, Elf King and The Lord and the Mermaid. This will be active over the next month until mid- January. The heroine of Elf Princess Warrior, Gwaethe, is an important secondary character in Elf King’s Lady and I wanted readers to have the chance to read it on special. The Lord and the Mermaid is a fabulous retelling of The Little Mermaid and its heroine, Meri, pops up in The Lady and the Pirate.

Just when you thought Christmas couldn’t get merrier, I’ve also 50% discounted my self- published titles until mid-January. Just click on the above links and my Brightcastle Saga and Wildecoast Saga books will be easy to find.

Stay tuned each week until release day. I’ll have some extra info about how Elf Princess Warrior came into being and early chapter previews.

Until next week!

Happy reading x




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