Cover Reveal- The Elf King’s Lady

0515 The Elf King's Lady_FinalThe day is finally here when I can show the world the cover for The Elf King’s Lady, due for release from Momentum Australia in November 2015.

I hope you all love it as much as I do. The colours are fabulous.

In the midst of a war between elves and men, two unlikely companions find love. But in this battle of ages, can they defy the very blood that courses through their veins?

The human kingdom of Thorius is once again under threat from the dark elven menace. General Kain Jazara has sworn to protect Thorius from all danger, magical or otherwise – but first he must rescue the highborn family of alluring healer Lady Alique Zorba.

Thrown together in their quest to save Alique’s family, and eventually themselves, from the merciless elven clan, the pragmatic General and the impulsive Lady Alique discover an undeniable passion. But when Kain’s world is torn apart by a personal revelation, he turns his back on both Alique and his homeland.

Can Kain find a path back to love and victory in time? Or will he allow revelations from his family’s mysterious past to destroy his relationship, his happiness, and his kingdom?

9 thoughts on “Cover Reveal- The Elf King’s Lady

  1. All of the covers look great, Bernadette Perfect colours – eye catching -bright. Keep the adventures coming!

  2. There is something so romantically old world about the covers of your books that hold great appeal for those of us that still believe in love.
    Noticed you haven’t blogged much lately. Love to hear more from you

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