Australia Day Romance

AustraliaDaybloghop2014This blog is all about romance, so when I agreed to be part of the Australia Day Book’d Out Blog Giveaway series, I needed to link the subject to romance. Sure, I could have written something unrelated to Australia Day OR just written on Australia Day without worrying about romance. I didn’t want to do either of those things.

Still, I had charged myself with a difficult task because what is romantic about Australia Day? Let’s see…

Man and BBQWhen I think of our national day I immediately think of food. We have some magnificent national dishes such as pavlova (I choose to believe it’s ours), the lamington, prawns and lamb on the BBQ, Anzac biscuits, pineapple on burgers, macadamias and damper. What could be more romantic than a man cooking a BBQ feast? Damper reminds us of the romantic days of the drover and the freedom of a life of moving cattle from one place to another on the back of a horse. Pavlova, pineapple and macadamias are all close to our hearts as national foods. Last of all, our own biscuit reminds us of the sacrifice of our young men for their country and the romanticism of a life given for others.

MitchWho are our Aussie heroes? Hugh Jackman comes to mind and men and women alike have admired Hugh for his looks and myriad talents but many of us look for our heroes on the sporting field. Chief amongst sporting heroes this Australia Day is Mitch Johnson complete with his moustache, conquering the English on the cricket field. And the mo is so reminiscent of the cricket heroes who have gone before him: Lilley, Merv, Boon and the like. The romance of being a hero, of being admired by an entire country cannot be overlooked.

So many of us will reflect on our history this Australia Day and there is romance in the adventure of arriving in a foreign land and forging a new life. Our forefathers accomplished this and many new immigrants continue to discover the delights and challenges of modern Australia.

Man from Snowy RiverOne of our classic films The Man from Snowy River was based on a poem by the same name, written by the great Banjo Patterson, and showcased the Aussie bush and country life. Our many successful rural romance authors use the same themes today.

RainforestAustralia is a beautiful country full of romantic escapes from coastal scenes to desert landscapes and secluded rainforest hideaways. It is an ancient land which has its own prehistoric history and indigenous people. So much of this country can touch our hearts, get under our skin and stay with us wherever we travel. I’m from the Sunshine Coast and whenever I see one of the Glasshouse Mountains they engender a nostalgia that for me is akin to romance.

So, maybe I’m drawing a long bow on some of these but, being a fantasy writer, the long bow is a weapon I am familiar with and I choose to use it on this occasion.

Princess Avenger High Res CoverDo you think there is romance in Australia Day? Leave a comment and the person with the most convincing argument for or against will win a paperback copy of my book Princess Avenger– entries restricted to Australian residents.  Entries close at midnight on January 28th and the winner will be announced here on February 2nd.

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27 thoughts on “Australia Day Romance

  1. Hi Bernadette

    What a lovely post and I think Australia is a romantic country I live in Sydney and have been to a lot of places in Australia but not all yet and we are having family BBQ tomorrow I have made the cake to make lammingtons and we have lamb chops for the barbie which Hubby and the boys

    will be cooking while the girls are talking and keeping watch over my 6 grandchildren that will be running around the yard romantic maybe not but loving yes 🙂

    Have Fun


    running around the yard romantic maybe but loving yes

    Have Fun

  2. Good job on finding all those romance/Australia tie ins! The romantic nature of the Australian landscape is undeniable in my opinion. There’s something about the mix contradiction: the harsh desert to the lush rainforest, the years of drought interspersed by torrential rains, our unique animals from the cute and cuddly koala to the deadly taipan… Australia is the Byronic hero of natural landscapes! What could be more romantic?

    As Dorothea Mackellar put it: I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains, I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, her beauty and her terror, the wide brown land for me.

    After all what says romance like poetry?

    Have a great Australia Day!

  3. I guess there is romance in Australia Day. Most of us gather our family and friends around for a bbq where we put on our music and cook the food we love. We bake cakes and sweet things to serve to those we love and then we end the night with a bang when the fireworks go off. I think romance is always around you just need to look hard enough and in the right places.

  4. I think Australia Day is a wonderful time to reflect on the diverse people and history of this country. There are many romantic places, eras and people that make up a part of our history, and so many contrasts and contradictions.

  5. Hmm, I’d had to say that the aspect I see Australia Day from is not very romantic – excess drinking leading to assaults and other injuries…but I can imagine a proposal under the fireworks could be very sweet!
    Thank you for a lovely giveaway 🙂

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  7. I guess if you look at it from the perspective of an ideal – Australians romanticse sporting heroes, political leaders, tv stars etc etc, so in that regard, I suppose we do have some romance left in this country…but I’ll keep all mine for my Canadian fiancee!!

  8. Love the long bow reference. And I believe that everyone can find romance if you are willing to look for it – and like you’ve indicated above – you can have a romance with Australia itself. I heart Australia and feel lucky to be here.

  9. A great post Bernadette. I think the romance of Australia is in the diversity of the country, the wildlife and it’s people. For me personally, it’s in the amazement and wonder of my children’s eyes. Whether it’s seeing dolphins swimming in the ocean at close range, or being dazzled by fireworks, the excitement is what brings it home to me.
    Happy Australia Day holiday.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I’m trying to think back to anything ‘romantic’ I’ve done on Australia Day… and the only example I can think of is from years and years ago. There was a boy I was keen on, and we went for a swim at one of the local beaches on what I remember as a stunning Oz Day (weather-wise). But the best bit came when he dropped me home and we put the cricket on to see what was happening in the One Day game – and it was the game at the SCG where Michael Bevan hit a 4 off the last ball for the Aussies to win. One of the most incredible One Day games ever… (you might get the impression I’m a bit of a cricket nut and you’d be right.) So sports & romance – does go together sometimes!

    • Ha, I remember that game Lily and I was a big Michael Bevan fan. Bit of a cricket nut as well as is my whole family. Great memories of a past Australia Day with a touch of romance thrown in. Thanks xx

    • Thank so much Bernadette, what a lovely surprise!
      I thoroughly enjoyed the blog hop… I just have an extremely large TBR list now!
      Thanks again Bernadette for hosting a great giveaway, I am really looking forward to reading Princess Avenger.
      Thanks also to Book’d Out for hosting the blog hop!

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