Release Day Today- The Lady’s Choice

The Lady's Choice Cover- high resWhen I was writing Princess Avenger, Alecia’s confidant, Squire Ramón Zorba kept trying to steal her scenes. He was gorgeous and his clothing immaculate. He kept demanding I describe his amazing blue eyes and the tight breeches, tunic and flowing capes that drew the eye of many a kingdom maiden. But he failed to impress Alecia and Captain Vard Anton always came out on top.

Vard won Alecia’s heart but I knew Ramón needed his story told. Princess Alecia told Ramón that one day he would find a woman who would love him completely and that he should forget her and keep looking for that special lady.

Well, Ramón ignored that advice and convinced himself of a future with Alecia. She would come to her senses and he and the princess would live happily ever after. I wasn’t as sure as Ramón was and so I went looking for a woman who could rival Alecia; who might love Squire Ramón Zorba and be worthy of him.

Destiny LogoThe Lady’s Choice has been released today by Destiny Romance and this is Ramón’s story. I hope you enjoy catching up with familiar characters from Princess Avenger and meeting the new people who inhabit this book. And, of course, there’s a brand new heroine, Lady Benae Branasar. Enjoy!

To buy The Lady’s Choice, click on the links:

Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and Google Play

Princess Avenger High Res CoverPrincess Avenger available on the same pages.

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