Giving Author Talks And Spoken Interviews, by Helene Young

I came across this fabulous advice from Helene Young today and I’d like to share it with you. Helene is a fellow Penguin and North Queensland romance writer and her advice will be helpful no matter who you are or what message you are trying to deliver. Enjoy!

Writing Novels in Australia

For me, one of the unexpected pleasures of being a writer is talking to readers. I’ve spent the last few weeks on the road, tripping around the country, with the Get Reading tour, which takes writers to regional Australia. It’s been frantically busy on occasion, with delayed flights meaning I turned up at the venue in time to step straight up to the microphone.

I used to debate at school and did the odd public speaking competition. As someone who’s spent a great deal of time teaching in one capacity or another I’m very comfortable getting up in front of people and talking. (I may well have been doing that since I was very small…) But it doesn’t come easily to every writer.  So what strategies can you employ for interviews and public engagements to make it easy, fun even?

The first thing is preparation. Write down the key messages from your book that…

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