That stimulation in your underwear!!!!!

Check out this amazing new product Michael has unearthed. Make sure you watch the video.


Hold the phone.

  • Love the latest in technology?
  • Want to have stimulating conversations over the Internet?
  • Skype meetings too boring?

Well, do I have the product for you. Fundawear!!!!!

Now in case you think I have been hanging around dodgy websites getting my jollies I actually found this out on one Australia’s most successful and controversial bloggers. A man who has his own TV show and is a one of Rupert Murdoch’s big name journalists. Yes the one and only Andrew Bolt.

So what is Fundawear. Well according to the video you and your partner can , um, oh, ahhhh have some “fun” over the Internet using your mobile phone to um, ahhh, oh, Quote “Touch over the Internet” Unquote. As they are underwear you can imagine we are not talking a gentle caress on the cheek or to hold hands or such.

I’m sorry I don’t know the price, where they are…

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