Midnight Magic

Romance was in the air on the 15th of November with my son Sam’s year 12 class graduating. The theme was Midnight Magic and it was held at Rydges Southbank in Townsville. As usual, the venue was decorated beautifully. The girls looked amazing with big skirts and bling the order of the day. The young men were dressed to impress with ties, waistcoats and fancy cars. All day, I thanked God that I had a son graduating and not a daughter. It’s so much more involved with a young woman to prepare.

Our day was pretty relaxed with Sam’s rite of passage ceremony at school and then home to relax for several hours. We had collected our new Kia Optima the day before so that was perfect for Sam to arrive in. After a last minute change of plans, Sam now had no date so his big brother Tom stepped in, keeping him company for his arrival at Rydges.

It was an evening of celebrating the achievements of students, teachers and parents. A good meal, good company and great music all combined to create an event we will long remember. Congratulations Sam and the graduating class of St Anthony’s Catholic College 2012!


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