Book Review- Fly Away Peta

A kick ass heroine and a love lost ten years ago are the basis of this romantic suspense from Juanita Keys. Right from the start, Ms Keys has the reader asking questions, just as all good suspense should. Why has Peta’s husband kidnapped her daughter, Bella, and will Peta’s brother, Mark, rescue the little girl in time. Who is Bella’s father?

In the process of hunting Bella, Peta runs into her ex-lover of ten years ago, Jaime Caruso. Is a second chance at love really possible? Will Peta’s conflict with her husband destroy everything that has ever meant anything to her?

Fly Away Peta is a more than satisfying read with enough twists to surprise the reader, both in the suspense and the romance. Peta is a heroine who has been toughened by all that life has thrown at her and has emerged a better person. Her daughter, Bella, is delightful and the hero, Jaime, a man who will happily dodge a bullet or take a beating for his love.

Issues such as domestic violence and the interference of parents in their children’s marriages are sub plots. This is a romance conducted in close proximity to a nine year old child and Ms Keys handles it with wonderful sensitivity.

With Fly Away Peta, Juanita Kees has fulfilled her brief: to write stories of spirited heroines who give the hero a run for his money before giving in.

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